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“You are beautiful. I want to capture you for all of time…”

celia before and after


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This year my mother turned 55 and I wanted to treat her to a photo shoot and makeover to make her feel as beautiful as I see her. She was a model when she was my age so she was no stranger in front of a camera but after having three children, her perception of herself and her body has changed a lot. We went shopping for a dress for her to wear in the photo shoot and when I picked up the flowery number in the above image she said “I can’t wear that! It’s too low.” I made her try it on any way – it fit her perfectly and you could tell right away she was pleasantly surprised at the way it made her look and feel.

Yesterday was Mums reveal session; the first time she saw all her beautiful images of herself printed and ready to take home. At first she was critical of herself, as we often are, judging herself harshly but when she really looked at the images, she started to see what I see – beauty. It ended up being a real struggle for her to choose between the images she loved most to put into her package and the best thing of all – her favorite set of images was the sexy flowery dress!

I am so proud of my Mum and the images we created so I want to share these photos with you all in the hope that you too will want this for your Mums. Our mothers deserve to be pampered and have stunning photographers of themselves, no matter what age, because they are beautiful and we all want to capture that for all of time.