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ONE SHOT SUNDAY – Whisked Away 2011


This shot was created early 2011 before the final work that was posted on friday. The concept was only just developing and I was playing with the floating images that I loved creating. This shoot was with a young UK dancer, Holly, who was studying in Brisbane for a while. I picked her up and told her we were going to the Boondall Wetlands and she informed me she was actually allergic to mosquito bites! Luckily we got some bug spray and she was alright. Being a dancer, she was really good at giving me shapes for these poses and holding them for a long time. She was also really great at the emotion in her face and in this one I truly feel scared at what is whisking her away into the air. I was only just experimenting with fake smoke isn’t very realistic but it’s always been a favourite of mine and reminds me of some of Brooke Shaden’s work.