Collaboration Sneak Peak!

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couple of weeks ago I had the honour of collaborating with the amazing Fashion’s Sweethart, Blossom Headpieces & Accessories and Drowning in Decadence! Drowing in D. supplied us with a boot full of retro outfits that we could hardly decide from and Blossom complemented each outfit with the most gorgeous headbands you have ever seen! The beautiful Claire from FS modelled all this while I took the photos in Mt Tamborine’s botanical gardens! What a team we were!

Today I have been editing these photos and I was amazed when I found this photo. As an artist, sometimes it is very hard to photograph something when I do not like it. I am going to be honest, I didn’t like the outfit bellow at first. I felt unsure of the print with the location. However, I am delighted to find that this outfit has produced one of my favourite images so far!  I hope you like it too!