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Laughs and Barks

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Reasha and Poppy lit up my studio with laughter and waggy tails! These two  were both naturals in front of the camera which made for some really happy and beautiful images. I was really excited to have the energetic Boston Terrier in my studio as she gets along with my dog so well. They both played in their play pen while Reasha and I styled it up and got some images of her on her own. When it was Poppy’s turn to shine, we bribed her with treats and praise and it was worth it to see her eyes light up. I just love capturing the special connection between a woman and her best fur friend. <3

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“You are beautiful. I want to capture you for all of time…”

celia before and after


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This year my mother turned 55 and I wanted to treat her to a photo shoot and makeover to make her feel as beautiful as I see her. She was a model when she was my age so she was no stranger in front of a camera but after having three children, her perception of herself and her body has changed a lot. We went shopping for a dress for her to wear in the photo shoot and when I picked up the flowery number in the above image she said “I can’t wear that! It’s too low.” I made her try it on any way – it fit her perfectly and you could tell right away she was pleasantly surprised at the way it made her look and feel.

Yesterday was Mums reveal session; the first time she saw all her beautiful images of herself printed and ready to take home. At first she was critical of herself, as we often are, judging herself harshly but when she really looked at the images, she started to see what I see – beauty. It ended up being a real struggle for her to choose between the images she loved most to put into her package and the best thing of all – her favorite set of images was the sexy flowery dress!

I am so proud of my Mum and the images we created so I want to share these photos with you all in the hope that you too will want this for your Mums. Our mothers deserve to be pampered and have stunning photographers of themselves, no matter what age, because they are beautiful and we all want to capture that for all of time.

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Feel Good Friday

“Recently I had the pleasure of meeting with Selby from Selrose Photography and I have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life. Selby in particular made me feel comfortable and confident. With her amazing support and professional guidance throughout the shoots we were able to capture some beautiful photos that I am incredibly proud of.


During the shoots I couldn’t stop smiling. It’s crazy how wonderful something like this can make you feel both inside and out. The photos mean so much to me, not just for their beauty but for the great times and many laughs I associate them with. Showing the photos to my family and friends was yet another highlight. They all absolutely loved them! A lot of them even told me they were as good as any other model’s they’d seen.

I am passionate about modelling and for a long time now it has been something that I’ve aspired to excel at. Needless to say my experience with Selrose Photography has only strengthened those aspirations. So if you’re like me and want to take some wonderful photos with some great people whilst feeling comfortable in your own body, Selby and the whole Selrose team are definitely for you.” – Katie.


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Sexy Mumma – Emily!

A few weekends ago I photographed Emily. She is a mother, wife, makeup artist, hair dresser and an absolutely gorgeous woman inside and out!storyboard002

Emily is my go to makeup and hair stylist at Selrose so I wanted to treat her to a photoshoot of her own. I really loved photographing her starting with a casual look with stunning window light and soft waves and moving all the way through to a sexy black look with bling. We even took some photos with no make up at all!

storyboard001Selrose_Glamour_EG10storyboard003  storyboard004Selrose_Glamour_EG26    storyboard005 storyboard006Selrose_Glamour_EG39 storyboard007 storyboard008

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The Rose.

Meet Tegan Rose. She is the Rose of Selrose Photography!005A9061 copy

While she is no longer working with Selrose, she is still one of my best friends. Recently, Tegan’s partner of many years proposed to her and she said yes (on a gondola in Venice of course!). I wanted her to have some special photos to celebrate this occasion just on her own for a change. It’s important to have beautiful images of yourself and to be pampered once in a while. Can’t wait to have her and her fiancé in the studio soon. Enjoy this pretty face!

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The Beauty in Paris

I coaxed Paris into the studio a few weeks ago because I wanted to show her how beautiful she is, with or without braces. We’ve been friends for years but ever since getting braces on in her adult years, she has been a little camera shy… But look at this stunner!! Gorgeous inside and out!