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Feel Good Friday

“Recently I had the pleasure of meeting with Selby from Selrose Photography and I have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life. Selby in particular made me feel comfortable and confident. With her amazing support and professional guidance throughout the shoots we were able to capture some beautiful photos that I am incredibly proud of.


During the shoots I couldn’t stop smiling. It’s crazy how wonderful something like this can make you feel both inside and out. The photos mean so much to me, not just for their beauty but for the great times and many laughs I associate them with. Showing the photos to my family and friends was yet another highlight. They all absolutely loved them! A lot of them even told me they were as good as any other model’s they’d seen.

I am passionate about modelling and for a long time now it has been something that I’ve aspired to excel at. Needless to say my experience with Selrose Photography has only strengthened those aspirations. So if you’re like me and want to take some wonderful photos with some great people whilst feeling comfortable in your own body, Selby and the whole Selrose team are definitely for you.” – Katie.


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FLASHBACK FRIDAY – Brisbane Floods 2011

_MG_9424 copystoryboardcomp001_MG_9544 copystoryboard013_MG_9399 copystoryboard014storyboard015storyboard016storyboard017storyboard018 storyboard019_MG_9188 copyIn January 2011, Queensland was devastated by wide-spread flooding due to the heavy rainfall caused by Tropical Cyclone Tasha and the overflowing of Wivenhoe Dam and connecting rivers. It was a very tragic event that left 200,000 people affected and $2 billion in damages. In my city, Brisbane, it was a very eery few days as the rain stopped but the TV talked about the Brisbane river rising with nothing to do but wait! The sun shone out while the water rose and transformed my city into a surreal, reflecting wonderland – a photographers dream! The morning of the highest peak at 4am, I ventured out with my camera and captured the beauty of the disaster. My heart goes out to all those affected and I hope they have all recovered well.


Emma and Greg – Maternity Session


On the weekend I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Mummy and Daddy to be, Emma and Greg Dickson. I first met Emma when I photographed her Dad’s 50th birthday and since then Emma has asked me to photograph many events throughout her life including her beautiful Wedding to Greg! At first this couple were a little shy in front of the camera but they have become very relaxed and this session was my favourite so far! I could tell right away that this couple had enjoyed their first year of marriage and grown even closer together. Their first child is a very exciting milestone in their lives and I was so happy to be asked to photograph it. I had alot of fun and even got a little creative with the poses. They have left the sex of little Dickson a mystery so the wait is on and I look forward to seeing this little one in October.

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ONE SHOT SUNDAY – Whisked Away 2011


This shot was created early 2011 before the final work that was posted on friday. The concept was only just developing and I was playing with the floating images that I loved creating. This shoot was with a young UK dancer, Holly, who was studying in Brisbane for a while. I picked her up and told her we were going to the Boondall Wetlands and she informed me she was actually allergic to mosquito bites! Luckily we got some bug spray and she was alright. Being a dancer, she was really good at giving me shapes for these poses and holding them for a long time. She was also really great at the emotion in her face and in this one I truly feel scared at what is whisking her away into the air. I was only just experimenting with fake smoke isn’t very realistic but it’s always been a favourite of mine and reminds me of some of Brooke Shaden’s work.

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kathleenawhitneyCassiesamantha rhiannon peta mollyfaithelanabiancameetThis collection of work was created in 2011 for my final folio in my Bachelor of Photography majoring in creative advertising. It is a conceptual advertising body of work depicting young girls in their flowing nightwear running at the dead of night to a meeting point under a full moon. I spent months creating this work and between 2-10 hours editing the scenic creations. I couldn’t have done it without the numerous models who would spend hours skipping over and over for me to get the perfect shot! The models in the final work in order as they appear: Kathleena, Whitney, Cassie, Samantha, Rhiannon, Peta, Molly, Faith, Elana, Bianca, Tegan, Gemma. Thank you to all you amazing girls!


Oh Bobbi Brown!

storyboard010 005a9972 2 copyI photographed a lovely guy named Felix yesterday. He contacted me asking about a business portrait with a difference. He wanted something  a little more candid and creative rather then stiff and “dorky” as he put it. He is a makeup artist at the beautiful Bobbi Brown cosmetics and has done makeup for some very famous faces over the years so I wanted his portrait to look as good as someone famous. I just loved how the portraits turned out – so suave, like something that could go in a magazine!

 As a very pleasant surprise Felix brought me a gift bag full of Limited Edition Bobbi Brown cosmetics and I was so excited I just had to photograph it all! I already have the Nail Polish on my fingernails and the gloss nourishing my lips. What a wonderful shoot this was and I wish Felix all the luck in the world with his future endeavours in Hong Kong!


Monday at the Mountain!

13026 13024 13025 13023 SR005 SR004 Just a few more shots from the collaboration shoot with Fashion’s Sweethart at Mt Tambourine. The daisy jumpsuit was my favourite look of the day! I’ve just got to get a pair of those sunnies from Blossom Headpieces and the Drowning in Decadence jumpsuit looked so fabulous on Claire’s amazing frame. She really worked these photos! The second set I just loved the three series. Claire has been modelling so long now, she knows how to strike a pose and keep moving. She was even able to pose while bee’s hummed around her face looking at the flowers!! There is just one more set of photos in this collection but it wont be long till we all meet again I hope!

Model: Fashion’s Sweethart
Designer: Drowning in Decadence Vintage
Headpieces: Blossom Headpieces

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY! – Alice Nightingale Winter 2011

_MG_3120 copystoryboard003storyboard005storyboard007storyboard001storyboard002storyboard008storyboard006_MG_3282When I first saw Alice’s collection it was love at first sight. The use of quality material all hand sewn and her gorgeous attention to detail was inspiring and exciting. Her collections are always so carefully thought out and this one was one of the very best. The collection starts with the king and queen of winter as the hero of the collection. Gorgeous Madeline Stone modelled as the queen and Reece Woodland as the king – very fitting. Of course such good looking kings and queens need their military to protect them modelled by Campbell Irvine and Rhiannon Bradshaw when she was just beginning her modelling career. The royal winter collection wouldn’t be complete without the jokers, the villages and the criminals modelled by the gorgeous Samantha Hofmeier. This collection was one of the stunners and Alice continues to bring out new and beautiful collections each season. Check her out at

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ONE SHOT SUNDAY – Ha long Bay 2012

halong bayIn 2012 I traveled around southeast asia with friends Josh, Tyler and Jaz. Part of our travels lead us to the one of the worlds most beautiful places, Ha Long Bay – Vietnam. We booked an overnight boat trip to really explore the place which included all our meals, exploring caves and canoeing! This dream trip turned into a bit of a nightmare for myself as the 40 degrees heat took over and unfortunately my room was the only one without air conditioning! This photo was a result of waking up at 4am and not being able to bare the heat any longer so I went to the top of the boat and was rewarded with this gorgeous sunrise to photograph. As I photographed an eager vietnamese boat crossed the bay which really made the shot. When it is blown up to full size you can actually see the two men working on the boat!


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FLASHBACK FRIDAY – Rhiannon Bradshaw 2011

_MG_9494 copy storyboard001 storyboard002

Looking back at these photos from 2011 it amazes me the talent that surrounded me! When I first met Rhiannon, she was a little shy and only just beginning her modelling career but I could tell from this shoot that she would go far! Fast forward to 2013, Rhiannon made it to the top 15 in Australia’s Next Top Model!! She showed real potential on the show and took some absolutely stunning photos. Unfortunately she didn’t make it all the way through to the end but it was amazing to see her on the show!

This particular shoot was styled around the amazing Rachel Maree’s make-up idea. I absolutely love lace so when she suggested we do a lace mask I was so keen! She was able to do this by airbrushing the makeup onto her face – so amazing! However, it wouldn’t have been so successful without the fabulous hair artist, Jasmine Mcdonald, who still works in a hair salon creating beautiful hair styles. She created this fairy floss type hairdo that helped bring the whole concept together.  This lovely group of girl’s really put the T in Talent and I am so thankful to have worked with them.


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ONE SHOT SUNDAY – William Jolly Bridge on Remembrance Day


 In 2009 I started a “photo a day” project to keep me snapping and learning every day. It lasted about 3 months before it became like a job and I stopped because it was not longer fuelling my creativity. I did however get a few cool shots out of it like this one of the William Jolly Bridge in Brisbane. I have always loved the architecture of this bridge and decided to photograph it on Remembrance Day. I had no idea they would be projecting these beautiful poppies onto the bridge that night and it is something many people have never seen before so it is a very special photo to me!

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FLASH BACK FRIDAY – Elisabeth Roeland 2011



Back in Mid 2011 when I was still studying my Bachelor of Photography at Griffith College of Art, I had the absolute pleasure of working with model, Elisabeth Roeland, stylist Merilyn Smith and make-up artist, Alana Ferguson! It was a fun collaboration shoot with a vintage-styled theme and we all let loose with our creativity. I remember how versatile Elisabeth was and how she knew exactly how to work her body and had fantastic core strength to pull off my favourite floating in mid-air shot! Unfortunately she has moved to a small town to follow her heart but we all hope she returns to Brisbane again soon! The fabulous Merilyn pulled together each outfit with flair but as all the great creatives do, she has moved to London! Alana is still in Brisbane but now puts her talents into styling and does an amazing job at it too!

Still to this day Elisabeth describes this shoot as her “favourite shoot ever” and I am very proud of it too.

_MG_2117 (1)



Red Lips at Mt Tamborine


Another outfit released from the Collaboration with Fashion’s SweethartBlossom Headpieces & Accessories and Drowning in Decadence Vintage and this ones a beauty. With the mix of black lace, leather and red lips the outfit looks very grunge-glam and I’m loving it! The Blossom headpiece mixes the dark reds and purples and picks up the blue in the bridge from the Japanese part of the gardens. We all loved this outfit so much during the shoot and Claire made it look so sexy!

SR011 SR012


Mt Tambourine Collaboration!



Today is the official release of the first lot of photos from my collaboration photoshoot with Fashion’s SweethartBlossom Headpieces & Accessories and Drowning in Decadence Vintage! Claire, from Fashion’s Sweethart and I, took a delightful drive to Mt. Tambourine to meet with the girls from Blossom and DIDV. We all hit it off straight away and the collaboration was a done with ease with each of us helping to put together these gorgeous outfits in the chosen location, Botanical Gardens. The Botanic Gardens in Mt. T. has a variety of themed gardens so it was easy for me to find new and beautiful locations for each dress. The first look was this one with the beautiful pastel rose headpiece from Blossom and the lacy dress by DIDV that Claire fell in love with! My shot of the day is the one above where Claire peeks through the tree branches flawlessly. The rest of the photos will be released throughout the next few weeks on and on this blog so make sure you like our facebook pages to see them all!



The Perks of Living with a Model


I met the beautiful Claire, from Fashion’s Sweethart a few years ago when I photographed for her and quickly became friends. Now I live with her so one of the perks to this is always having a model to photograph! Yesterday she came home early and said “I think I’ll mix 60’s with 90’s” and came up with this stunner outfit. This is just a sneak peak, the rest will be posted on her blog soon.


Collaboration Sneak Peak!

005A8990 logo

couple of weeks ago I had the honour of collaborating with the amazing Fashion’s Sweethart, Blossom Headpieces & Accessories and Drowning in Decadence! Drowing in D. supplied us with a boot full of retro outfits that we could hardly decide from and Blossom complemented each outfit with the most gorgeous headbands you have ever seen! The beautiful Claire from FS modelled all this while I took the photos in Mt Tamborine’s botanical gardens! What a team we were!

Today I have been editing these photos and I was amazed when I found this photo. As an artist, sometimes it is very hard to photograph something when I do not like it. I am going to be honest, I didn’t like the outfit bellow at first. I felt unsure of the print with the location. However, I am delighted to find that this outfit has produced one of my favourite images so far!  I hope you like it too!


Selrose at the 3 Marketeer’s Seminar!


On Monday, I attended the 3 Marketeer’s seminar in Brisbane at the Museum. It was specifically aimed at marketing for Photographer’s through social media so I learnt a lot of useful information!


One of the main things I took from the seminar was just how important blogging is to photographers. It let’s me show everyone how passionate I am about my photography and shows my personality. I also learnt that Video is the next big thing! You don’t really want to sit here and read my posts, you want to listen and view it. I think I will start doing a few videos of behind the scenes to show what it’s like being a photographer.

Here’s a cool video The 3 Marketeer’s did of the seminar I attended. If you look really closely, you can see me in the background of a few of the interviews!